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Trying to read and navigate a website on mobile device (smartphone or tablet) can be a frustrating experience.  This is because a smartphone's screen isn't large enough to the whole web page at once.  Often when you zoom out, the text and buttons become so small it's impossible to read.  Or maybe on your tablet, when trying to access a menu item that is nested under another menu item . . . you can't!  Because some menus just don't work on your iPad!Responsive Web Design Wellington Porirua  The problem is most websites designed to be read or navigated on mobile devices.

It is predicted that in the next two or three years most people will be accessing the internet from mobile devices - mobile phones, tablets, iPods, etc.

Responsive Web Design is a solution to these problems. Responsive Web Design (RWD) websites are built assuming that people accessing the site will be using all sorts of internet connected devices with a variety of different sized screens and browsers. RWD uses different HTML5 and CSS3 coding techniques that can figure out your screen size and browser capability, and then present the text, images and navigation in a way that will work for that device.

In summary, Responsive Web Design is a web development approach that means that a website is always easy to view and navigate on any internet connected device, regardless of the screen size.

Vision Web Design uses the Responsive Web Design approach on all new web development projects.

Responsive Web Design Development Process

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